Is Freely Handustry certified organic?

Yes, we are certified organic by the certifying body ProCert


Are your cookies gluten-free?

Yes, all of our raw materials and therefore our cookies are certified gluten-free. Our biscuits are analysed to ensure gluten levels are less than 20mg/kg as required by law.


Can people suffering from coeliac disease eat your biscuits?

Yes, they can eat them without risk.


What does vegan mean?

In our recipes we don’t use any ingredients derived from animals. In other words, no dairy products, no eggs and no honey.


Can I eat your cookies if l am intolerant to lactose?

All of our cookies are dairy-free. We have our own manufacturing facility to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination.


What type of nuts do you use?

Yes, all of our cookies are free from soy. Where we use lecithin as an emulsifier it’s derived from sunflowers, not soy.


Are your cookies soy-free?

Oui, tous nos cookies sont sans soja, y compris la lécithine utilisée dans le chocolat qui est une lécithine de tournesol.


What is deodorised oil?

We use deodorised sunflower oil, not palm oil. The deodorisation process results in an odourless and flavourless oil.


In your recipes you use freeze-dried fruits. What does that mean?

When fruits are freeze-dried, they are almost entirely dehydrated thus conserve better. In contact with water they regain all of their original properties and qualities.


Why do Freely Handustry cookies have such a long shelf life?

Not adding additives to our cookies was really important to us. We use high-quality packaging that protects them from air and light to keep our biscuits fresh and tasting delicious for longer.


Where can I find your products?

Consult the «Where to Buy» page to get your hands on our biscuits.


Can I buy your biscuits online?

Yes, you can order directly from our «online store».


Do you deliver internationally?

Yes, in Switzerland and the E.U.


If you have other questions don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to respond.



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