Flavour first

Hi, we’re Léa and Marcel, cofounders of Freely Handustry.

Our adventure started in 2012 when our paths crossed at university and we discovered our shared passion for sweet treats. Three years later we launched Freely Handustry. Our company was born out of our desire to give everyone the chance to enjoy delicious and healthy products that are made using only natural ingredients.

Being vegan (Léa) and gluten & lactose intolerant (Marcel) we wanted to combine our quirks to create biscuits that bring people together. Our principal objective is to tickle your taste buds no matter what your cravings or constraints. To achieve that, we only use organic ingredients that are free from gluten, dairy, eggs and soy. Furthermore we don’t use palm oil or any animal-derived products. What more could you ask for?…

Using only the most carefully selected ingredients, our cookies are packed full of good intentions.

Each cookie is individually wrapped to guarantee maximum freshness.

The result is a chewy, original and incredibly tasty cookie.

So go on…try one; it’s “guilt-free”.

cookies au chocolat